Déjà vu – by Aruchi Thompson


I don’t know if I consciously hid it or it disappeared

Cause my heart was doing its thing and nobody interfered

I felt it was too complex for anyone to identify on the remote

Although one time somebody was carrying my matter like a tote

And I was on their case like a law suit

The emotions grew in length and width

I didn’t know it was possible

Until I saw myself doing the impossible

Until I saw myself doing laundry at 1 in the morning

Living like a dog on a leash, just because of good loving

And the painful part was that, to me I was enjoying

Even when I was treated like trash, I wasn’t frowning

Ever since I saved myself I’ve been Living life like it’s nothing

And then bam! You found my mumu button

I thought it was locked away or even missing

I think I’m back again with the hypnotic feeling

I don’t believe I can have a deja vu

Cause just yesterday I was asked “how’s your love?” And I said “who?”

And now I’m back at it again

Where I can’t wash off the feeling like a tough stain

I saved myself once but I doubt that I can this time

Cause we just met but you has taken me to the point where I’m asking you to be mine

I really thought my mumu button was hidden

Cause I’m shocked at how you’re  making me do your bidding