Deja Vu: Embrace of the Unknown – by N.M. Bassey

Do you know

I have been here before

in this room with you

sitting just so?

heartbeats gallop, ponies in a frenzy

I am not sure what follows

gaps, whispers, wonder

swirl in my head, a sentient soup

If I have been here before

where am I going after?

I breathe deep and calm myself.

I have been here before?

why can’t my brain create context?


It is me and you, this room

your pink scarf across your pretty self

peppermint scent

pineapple taste

pillow softness.

what happens next

a war: imagination triumphs over myth.


But I have been here before.

Is this a sign that a miracle is near

will this be the pinnacle of pleasure

or the descent to the catacombs?

If this has been previewed

what is the continuation?


I have been here before.

words fail, memory falters.

I am alone; sacrificed to the gods

of neurons whose appetites wax and

wane with rhythms of the wind.


I have been here before

have a seat and close the door.