It’s Just My Age – by Di Castle

Now I’m sixty, perhaps I’ll be
Arthritic in my hip and knee.
Maybe it’s time for headscarf and rollers.
Have crowns and plates instead of molars?
Shall I sit in rocking chair?
Knit woolly socks for Oldies Fair?
Stay at home, nice cup of tea?
Watch Rich and Judy on TV?
Now I have my Senior Passes
I scowl at schoolboys through my glasses.
I’ll buy myself a walking stick
To get to Bingo double quick!
I hear that flannelette’s the rage
For someone getting to my age.
But, do I care if now I lose it
So much bother when I use it.
Well, no I don’t, I won’t and can’t.
Old and grey, well that I aren’t.
I’ll rock and roll and rave and shout,
Be never in and always out!

I’ll join the over-sixties club

If they meet in local pub.
I’ll wear the clothes that ‘aren’t quite right’,
Gawdy, skimpy and far too bright!
I’ll dye my hair the latest shade,
Orange with a hint of jade.
And now my grammar and memory’s gone,
I think I’ll stop this carry on!