The Affair – by Lydia Durunguma

He loves me, he loves me not.


These  insecurities you have made love to

And borne renegade offspring

These your head has tried to construe

The idea your heart keeps abrogating

That your man could love the other woman more than you.


For years you’ve known

Faithfulness, loyalty, and honesty from him to her shown

He promised to protect and fight for you

This he promised her too

And now the love of a man you have to share

With a place, a country, an idea


How a man could fall out of love, you could not fathom

And fall into it with a country with shrunken buxom

A woman of easy virtue

Merchants, politicians, men of fame the way up her thighs knew

They abused her until she began to like the beating

Now she thrives on being the victim.


For her you would live or die

Armored and in battle while your woman at home cry

I waited and waited until that day

When they knocked on the door and told me she took you away

That you absconded with your lover

And I hope I never recover

Because once you forget pain

You become thin-skinned to hurt again


He loves me

He loves me