The Brain Wave – by Abimbola ‘Fadel’ Fadunsin

Soothing kisses from heavenly rays,

To show hopeful hands of brighter days.

Sonorous chords of the nightingale,

To tell the beautiful tale.


This, the truth the rabbi told,

That for the span, I may behold.


But days I witness birth gapes,

Strawberries taste sour grapes.

Beds of thorns wrapped in silk,

Lies the dummy of a duke.


Then, from deep slumber, my head rose,

The bed of roses seemed not laid,

Hectares of hop-scotch before me,

And the stone cuddled still, in my palm.


Nature’s breath dishes a brain wave,

Of the gauntlet to wear,

Of the hurdle to cross,

Before my feet step the garden again.